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Figure Out How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

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Be Debt-Free

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The Quickest and Cheapest Way:

  • Pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first, then the debt with next highest rate, then the next – 
  • Don’t reduce the amount you use to pay off high-interest debts until you’ve paid them all off.
  • Pay in full any NEW charges each month.

See How Soon You Can Be Debt-Free

The More $ You Use, the Sooner You're Out From Under

List your debts in the order you’ll pay them off: the highest interest rate first, then the next highest, then the next –

Then in the box below enter the total Monthly Amount You’ll Use to Pay Down Credit Card Debts – what  you’ll use each month until they’re all paid off.

  • Use at least your Current Minimum Monthly Payment.  Otherwise you’ll be charged expensive late fees, damage your credit, and sink deeper into debt.

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    Under the Covers

    How We Make Projections & Our Disclaimer

    We Assume:

    • The Minimum Monthly Payment on each credit-card loan is the monthly interest plus 1% of the balance.
    • The Monthly Amount You’ll Use to Pay Down Debts is used to pay down all debts listed until they are all paid off.
    • All new credit card charges are paid off in full each month.

    Disclaimer: The information provided on the SquaredAway website is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to provide personal financial advice.


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