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Calculator Know where your money goes, to spend smarter and live within your means.

You Need a Monthly Budget

To Spend Smart & Live Within Your Means

Your budget is your personal financial dashboard.



Enter Your Monthly Take-Home Pay.  If retired, enter how much you estimate your expenses run each month.

Then We’ll Create a Budget based on how similar households spend that money on:

  • Monthly bills, which are mostly fixed expenses
  • Occasional Expenses, items like vacations and car repairs
  • Weekly Spending, the everyday spending you see most clearly
  • Saving Out of Take-Home-Pay (what’s left over)

Then You Correct this Budget.  Enter YOUR SPENDING in the White Boxes to change the figures we use to create YOUR budget.  

In 3 minutes (or so) you’ll see where your money goes, where you might get more for your money, and how best to live within your means. 


Please fill all required fields
    header-small Monthly Take-Home Pay     
    header-column You Spouse /Partner Other Income Total 
    header-small How Similar Households Spend That Money 
    billboard-small Monthly Bills Occasional Expenses Weekly Spending Saving (Remainder) 
    header-marker Your Monthly Bills 
    header-orange Mostly Big Expenses That Are Hard To Cut 
    text Enter your spending to correct what we use 
    header-column   Your Spending What We Use 
    input results-small Mortgage or Rent 
    input results-small Phone, Internet, TV  
    input results-small Heat/Hot Water 
    input results-small Electricity/Water 
    input-subtotal HOUSING SUBTOTAL 
    input results-small Car Payments/ Commuter Pass 
    input results-small Student/Credit Card LOAN Payments 
    input results-small Childcare/Child Support/Tuition 
    input results-small Other Monthly Bills 
    input-subtotal OTHER SUBTOTAL 
    total Total Monthly Bills 
    header-small Where Your Money Goes Each Month 
    header-marker Occassional Expenses 
    header-orange The Car, the Roof, Vacations, and Gifts 
    text Budget for occasional purchases and unpleasant surprises.  Save what you don't spend when such expenses are low, or pay down loans taken out when such expenses are high.  And see what cars and vacations cost on a monthly basis. 
    header-column  Your Spending What We Use Every Monthly Amount 
    input results-small Car Purchase (if you pay cash)
    input results-small Car Maintenance
    input results-small Home Maintenance
    input results-small Furniture, Electronics
    input results-small Medical: Insurance, Copays, etc.
    input results-small Vacation
    input results-small Clothes
    input results-small Donations, Gifts, Misc.
    total Total Monthly Occasional Expenses 
    header-small Where Your Money Goes Each Month     
    header-marker Weekly Spending "Speed Limit"     
    header-orange Gas, Groceries, and Eating Out  
    text The spending we see most clearly, and need to control to stay on track.  We’ll translate your weekly into monthly spending so you can compare, apples-to-apples, what you spend each month & what you get for your money. 
    header-column   Your Spending What We Use Monthly Amount 
    input results-small Groceries  
    input results-small Gas, Public Transportation 
    input results-small Workday Coffee, Lunch 
    input results-small Dining Out 
    input results-small Fun and Entertainment 
    input results-small Miscellaneous   
    total Total Weekly Spending 
    header-small Where Your Money Goes Each Month 
    header-marker Review & Use Your Budget     
    header-orange It's Your Basic Financial Dashboard 
    header-small Refine your budget    
    text-bullets If you get a better estimate of what you spend, update your budget so you get a better sense of where your money goes. 
    header-small Get “more” for your money 
    text-bullets Compare what you SPEND each month on different items with what you GET.  Could you get MORE of what you want if changed how you spend your money? 
    header-small Control your spending  
    text-bullets Obey your weekly "Spending Speed Limit" – how much you can spend each week to live within your means – and "Spending Limits" for different weekly expenses. 
    text-bullets Reserve the amount you need for occasional expenses.  So you’ll have that money you need when you need it. Or can pay back credit card debt when you’re short. 
    header-small Know how you could respond in a pinch 
    text-bullets If your income falls or you’re hit with a big expense, how far could you cut back? 
    header-column If You Cut      
    input results-small that's  
    input results-small that's  
    input results-small Monthly Saving that's  
    input results-small 401(k) Saving  * that's  
    input results-small You'd spend less, 
    total What you'd still need  
    text * If you use what you contribute to a 401(k), you'd pay tax on that money.  So enter the "after-tax" amount.  
    header-small Next steps    
    text-bulletsIf you’re satisfied with your budget, CLICK HERE to put it into effect.   
    text-bulletsIf you’re living beyond your means, CLICK HERE to cut your spending.   
    text-bullets Your budget DOESN'T tell you if you’re saving enough or if you have enough insurance.  And most Americans don't.  So after you get your spending under control, Square Away the rest of your finances. 
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