Let us help you Build a Personalized Financial Plan


A Monthly Budget

Your budget is your personal financial dashboard.
  TO MAKE A BUDGET IN 3 MINUTES (or so): Enter Your Monthly Take-Home Pay.  If retired, enter how much you estimate your expenses run each month. Then We'll Create a Budget based on how similar households spend that money on:
  • Monthly bills, which are mostly fixed expenses
  • Occasional Expenses, items like vacations and car repairs
  • Weekly Spending, the everyday spending you see most clearly
  • Saving Out of Take-Home-Pay (what’s left over)
Then You Correct this Budget.  Enter YOUR SPENDING in the White Boxes to change the figures we use to create YOUR budget.   In 3 minutes (or so) you’ll see where your money goes, where you might get more for your money, and how best to live within your means.    [excel id=9950]


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