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How to Get Squared Away: Approaching Retirement

How-To Make a check list of the things you need to do.  It's often not that long.  Then knock things down one at a time. 


Balance Cash Inflows & Outflows

It's the First Task in Any Financial Plan

Getting Squared Away might seem daunting.  But often there’s just a few key things to do.

Secure Your Income.  Are things OK at work – not just now, but from now to retirement?  If so, that’s great.  If not, or if you’re considering a change, check out:

[               ]   Learn About Employment Strategies for Older Workers

Control Your Outfows.  Too often “outflows” simply happen. Money in your pocket somehow gets spent.  To put you in control use:

[               ]   How to Manage Everyday Spending

Retirement Ahead

Make a Plan for What's Coming Next

Most people approaching retirement don’t KNOW they’re approaching retirement.  But it’s coming.  Retirements these days last a long time and increasingly depend on decisions you make.  To make a plan use:

[               ]   Figure Out a Retirement Plan (for those over 50)

Is Your Housing Right?

Nothing Affects Your Finances as Much

Housing is usually your largest expense, the equity in your home your largest asset, and the mortgage your largest debt.  So make sure your housing is right! Our Housing Topic Page has useful tools and information.  Most important are

[         ]   Figure Out How Moving Changes Your Finances if you’re thinking about moving.

[         ]   Figure Out “If You Refinance …” to see if refinancing makes sense for you.

Get it Done

Nothing Happens Unless You Make it Happen

Print out this checklist and make a plan for yourself.  Do what’s urgent first.  Then what’s big or done quickly.  Then what’s not so big or takes more time.

And put reminders in your calendar to help you move from How-To to Done!



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