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Learn About Strategies for Mid-Career Workers

Learn More You're likely close to your peak productivity & earnings. So where do you go from here?


Leverage Your Contacts, Skills, & Experience

To Stay Ahead of the Curve

Most Americans will need to work to their mid-to-late 60s.  So you need to think long-term.  Where are your skills most valuable, not just today but tomorrow?

  • Your best option is usually to stay with your current employer, if you have one. But know how your employer’s needs are changing, and how you can meet those needs.
  • But most private-sector workers who work to their mid-to-late 60s will change employers after age 50. So also know how you can best meet changing employer needs in your industry or occupation.
  • Whether you stay or change employers, your best options will likely leverage your existing contacts, skills, and experience.

Work Your Job

It's Not Automatic

Things change.  So you need to respond & do things to improve your position.

Want to Get Ahead?

Good advice from Marty Nemko, of U.S. News & World Report.

Issues with a New Boss?

More good advice from Marty Nemko, of U.S. News & World Report

Stretch Your Network

Put Time Into Creating Opportunities

Networking is usually the best way to expand your opportunities, whether with your current or a new employer.  Most mid-career workers  have many ways to expand their network.  And don’t be shy about using new Internet social networking tools!

7 good tips

Pick a few that work for you.

A Radical Change?

Sometimes It Pays to Retool

If your long-term prospects are poor, it might make sense to invest in a new career.

A truck driver shifts gears.

A big investment of time & money, with a big pay-back over the many work-years ahead.

The Lighter Look

The intro is long.  But you might find Monty Python’s take on vocational guidance useful.



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