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Evaluate Your Options

All Careers Start with a Job

Sometimes you just need a job.  It’s how we pay the rent, buy gas, and get the groceries. But when evaluating your options, also know

  • The job is how we generally get medical insurance and a retirement plan.
  • We spend half our waking hours on the job, so the pleasures (and displeasures!) of work are important considerations.
  • Work can be an investment – giving you experience, skills, and contacts that improve your options down the road.

Looking for a Career?

There’s lots of advice out there.  This is from Marty Nemko, of U.S. News & World Report.

More Advice

From the Most Interesting Man in the World.

Get a Skill

Be able to do something an employer (or customer) will buy

There are all types of skills.  You can get a skill at school, from a hobby, or a job.

If you get a job, you’ll be working on sort of team.  So addition to “work” skills, you need skills that make you productive on a team.

Soft Skills Count

To work on a team you need to able to explain your thinking, as well as understand and accept your supervisor’s decisions.

Try Different Jobs or Careers When Young

You'll Learn & Make Better Long-Term Decisions

See what these jobs offer, and where they might lead.


Segway Tour Guide

Pizza Delivery

Graphic Design

Special Education

Sous Chef

Hotel Management



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